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Krista Whiting

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Krista Whiting, CSAM
Vice President


Parkwood has been in business for around twenty years, and we pride ourselves on delivering the best candidates for dynamic companies across a wide variety of industries. We are all deeply engaged in our respective fields, and specialize to a level that makes us experts in the trade.

My specialization is acute care leadership in the Texas market. If a Texan can’t sell Texas, then I need to find a new job. Our process has proven success for permanent placements in healthcare. We listen to not only the clinical requirement and skillset that is necessary to do the job, but also the right “fit” for your organization. We vet, qualify, and match these potential candidates to your needs, and only submit people to you that have exceeded the expectations given to us. We want to be your collaborative partner in the market, and keep you informed of the best talent available.

I personally write and publish healthcare articles on LinkedIn to keep me entrenched in healthcare. I want to know what the hospitals are talking about, seeing, and doing to keep everyone happy and healthy. Nurses are some of the most caring professionals I’ve come across, and they fascinate me. I know a good nurse when I’m speaking to one.

For more information on how I can send the best talent to your hospital, visit us at Parkwoodintl.com, or watch this video introduction to Krista Whiting so you can put a face with a name!