Our Team


Dandy Nolin
Recruiting Assistant


Dandy plays a critical role on the Parkwood International Healthcare team as a Recruiting Assistant.

Dandy’s role is to make sure the candidate sourcing and administrative aspects of the business run smoothly and efficiently. She assists the team leader in all aspects of driving the practice to meet client and candidate needs. Dandy accomplishes this by ensuring the team has all of the information needed and that information is accurate and complete.

She brings a deep understanding and commitment to client and candidate needs and their desire to be kept informed as the healthcare market shifts and changes. Our clients and candidates see less than 10% of the effort required to meet their needs. The 90% they don’t see is what must be done to make the 10% effective. Dandy is responsible to make sure the 10% is done with exceptional accuracy.

Dandy is responsible for maintaining and updating information provided by clients and candidates.

All communication, starting with our website, to newsletters, to information distributed to clients and candidates correct, confidential, and timely. Dandy is the driving force to ensure this happens.

It is clear that Dandy is a key component of our team and is a major contributor to our success. She is prepared to meet the most demanding needs of our clients and candidates. Dandy looks forward to working with you.