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Briese Marcotte

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Briese Marcotte
Manager of Technology and Sourcing


Since joining Parkwood Briese’s role has evolved. He is now responsible for technology support for the entire Parkwood team. No organization can be successful let alone thrive and grow unless its technology is state of the art and functioning effectively 100% of the time. Briese is the person at Parkwood who ensures that we are using the most advanced technology and that it is functioning at optimal levels.

In addition, he is responsible for supporting the Parkwood team for special projects as they surface. While most tasks are assigned to specific team members there is always the need to have someone ready to step up and meet a need that is not assigned to an individual. Briese is the person always willing to step in and make sure projects do not slip between the cracks. Because of his deep understanding of our industry he can get up to speed quickly.

Briese is a key component to our team and is a major contributor to our success. He is prepared to meet the most demanding needs of our clients and candidates.