Our Team

Ashley Bugh
Recruiting Assistant


Ashley joined Parkwood International to support the Construction and Development Recruiting team. Her role is to be the grease for this finely tuned machine. She keeps it working smoothly and consistently to support the needs of our clients and candidates.

She brings with her experience to support the Executive Vice Presidents to meet the critical needs of clients. Our clients and candidates see less than 10% of what we do. The 90% they don’t see is what must be done to make the visible 10% effective.

Ashley has the responsibility to make sure that critical activities are completed on time and accurately.

She is responsible for maintaining and updating information on clients and candidates so we have a current understanding of their needs. She ensures that our database has every company and individual properly coded so we can respond quickly and accurately to find information when a need develops.

Ashley supports both Executive Vice Presidents in their recruiting efforts for the Multifamily & Commercial Construction and Development portfolio of clients.