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Project Executive to Operations Leader (Nashville, TN)

Nashville, Tennessee

Ground Breaking GC – Expansion with Vision – Need: Project Executive w/Quick Advancement to Operations Leader – Nashville, TN

Tools don’t build change.  People do.  If a company is as strong as it’s people, then this company is rock solid.  Their outsider mindset is what makes them industry leaders. 

This Construction Firm has a relentless pursuit and is a force for innovation.  They solve problems, cultivate new ideas, and embrace new technologies. 

They are True Builders and have vision that drives comprehensive services from concept through completion.  They are setting new standards in construction and doing the common things uncommonly. 

They aspire to improve the communities around them.  To build a better world.  This isn’t just construction to them…it’s a calling.  A focused pursuit, a relentless drive for excellence, in their thoughts, in their words, and in their actions. 

They are renegades at heart, and they are here to change the world.  And that is why they build.

Whether it’s on a new project, adding new talent, entering a new region, or implementing new and better ways of doing things, the goal is always to Break New Ground.

As a General Contractor they provide services to a variety of market verticals that include:

  • Commercial
  • Civil
  • Industrial
  • Historic
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Design-Build
  • Multi-family
  • Urban Mixed-Use
  • Arts and Culture

Critical Opportunity

Role: Project Executive to Operations Leader

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Position Summary: Lead, Direct, and Coordinate the overall management of the projects and teams, per the total scope of services as defined in each project’s contract documents, to meet the project profit objectives. 

Additionally, they expect this person to be someone who has a history and acumen for building relationships in 3 directions: downwards by building relationships of trust with the workforce; upwards by creating a strong bond with the CEO and Market Leaders; and outwards by developing positive interactions with suppliers, subcontractors, and clients.

If you are interested, please contact me directly via phone or email.  Or reach out to my business partner and co-manager, Daniel Rohrs,

Recruiter Information

Bodie Nowak