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Lead Superintendent, Multi-family – Full Time Travel

United States,

 Lead Superintendent – Multifamily Construction

Full-Time Travel

Independently Funded Developer & Builder

$500 Million+ Portfolio

Multiple Locations; Extensive Backlog

$25+ Million Multi-family; Multi-Unit Living; Student Living

We have partnered exclusively with a family-owned holdings firm with a diverse portfolio spanning multiple business units, including, Multi-family Residential, Single-family Residential, and Retail who continue to thrive in several major markets, including, Texas, Colorado, Carolinas, and South & Southeastern United States.

The company has achieved tremendous scalable and strategic growth.

**Please contact me directly via phone/text or email @ , or reach out to my business partner and co-manager, Bodie Nowak, 


  • Lead Superintendent, Multi-family – Full Time Travel
    • South & Southeastern United States
    • Texas
    • Colorado
    • Carolinas

About This Company:

  • 100% Privately/Independently Owned/Funded – i.e., Zero outside investors.
  • Have seven, wholly owned subsidiaries, inclusive of:
    • Multi-family – Development, Property Management, and Construction
    • Single Family
    • Full-Service Commercial Real Estate Development
    • Investment Management Company
    • Land Mitigation & Restoration
  • Substantial backlog of projects with “no ceiling” growth potential
  • Awarded Top 500 Fastest Growing Private Business in United States 5 years in a row.
  • Possesses the strengths of a large organization but with greater diversity & scalability.
  • Offer a robust compensation package, full benefits, rare long-term incentives to each team member.

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Daniel Rohrs