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Assistant Project Manager – DFW Office

DFW, Texas

Award Winning GC & CM Firm with 50 Years of Excellence

“People 1st” Employee Culture – Career Opportunities & Unlimited PTO

Experts in New & Occupied Healthcare Construction

Expanding National Portfolio

Critical Need: Assistant Project Manager – DFW Office

Is there ever a day that you got into work and think to yourself, “Things could be better.”?

If there isn’t then I want your job.

90% of the time things CAN be better. 

Our client strives yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly to find ways to make things better.

They foster a process that is centered, customer-focused and collaborative.  They BELIEVE that, as a team, they can perpetually develop and deliver innovative solutions to the built environment.

They strive to always DO THE RIGHT THING and embrace the fundamental idea of BEING CURIOUS.  They understand that the best results come when they WORK TOGETHER, and they always SERVE WITH PASSION.

They are a Dallas based General Contractor and they have been in business for over 45 years.  They specialize in the construction of healthcare facilities and have a long list of award-winning work that encompasses a variety of project types, including, commercial, educational, faith-based, and recreational facilities.

  • Manage projects from $5 Million to $50 Million
  • Enjoy direct client communication & being involved with client solutions.
  • Competitive compensation
  • Opportunity for 100% Paid Employee Benefits
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO)

Employees with this company benefit from leadership that cares, ones that have established a critical path for their employee’s growth and success.

If you are interested, please contact me directly via phone or email.  Or reach out to my business partner and co-manager, Daniel Rohrs, 

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Bodie Nowak